The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing for Small Businesses and Start-Ups: A 7-Step Blueprint To; Attract New Clients, Customers or Patients, Automate

Price: $9.97

The problem most small businesses are facing today is; so many of them do not understand the vitality of having a well-planned marketing system for their business, although most understand the necessity of marketing. However even those who search for tools, strategies and systems for marketing their business come across products and services that are designed for big corporations and billion dollar companies with unlimited marketing budgets. What do they do? They either spend their hard-earned money on various marketing activities and tools with little or no real strategy and “hope” that they would get a positive return on their investments or they begin developing the belief that “marketing doesn’t work.” Both are extremely dangerous for the longevity of any business. That’s the reason I felt obligated to put this book together to share with small business owners some of the tools and strategies, big corporations are taking advantage of, without breaking the bank. The 7 Chapters in this book is filled with proven strategies and tools we use every single day to help our clients attract their ideal clients and grow their practice or small business at an exponential rate and get the best return on investment possible. That’s why I highly recommend that you take time to read and comprehend the tactics given in each chapter since they are the result of many years of hard work on identifying the most optimal way to maximize your marketing for small businesses. Whether you only have an idea of a future business or you are already running a small business but struggling with attracting more and “paying” clients, or you might be in the process of expanding your business and looking for marketing strategies to automate your marketing, so you can focus on what you do best, which ever one is your situation, the tools covered in these chapters will give you the necessary ammo to add to your arsenal to make the most of your marketing dollars. This book is great for businesses looking for solutions to automate their marketing and the flow of their clients, patients, and customers through the different mediums of online marketing. It goes into great details giving you step by step instructions to understand; –Proper website design and how it impacts conversion –What is retargeting, and why it’s a big deal for small businesses. –Video Marketing and why people prefer video over text. –How to dominate search engines through the use of SEO and PPC strategies to dominate your market. –The use of Direct Mail in the most effective possible way to reach the returns of 500% or more. –Why the 2015 is the year of reputation management, and why it vitally important to manage what your customers put on the web through channels such as Google+, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and other directory site. –Why you need to be on social media regardless of what business you are in, but use it to support your brand, not destroy it. And many more topics are covered…

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