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How to Choose a Good Online Company – 4 Characteristics of a "Bad" Company

Anything you do on internet will require you to be linked with some company in some way. Look at affiliate marketing for example, you need to choose an affiliate company. It is very important to know how to choose them, because if you fail here, then most likely you won´t make much money in the future.

Many people have the right attitude and determination, but some of them make this simple mistake of choosing the wrong company and that might lead them to failure. Below you will find some characteristics of a “bad” company, so you will be able to avoid them:

1. Was Founded Less Than a Year

You should avoid these companies, mainly if you are starting. Some of them might be really good, but you don´t know for sure yet. Companies with 2+ years are more reliable because if they still working, that means that they have costumers and quality services.

2. Lack of a Support Team

If you send the company an email and don´t get a reply, then you should try again. They might have missed your email. If you send a second one, and again no reply, then something is wrong. This by itself shows that the company does not care enough with their costumers. It´s a company to avoid.

3. Too Expensive & Requires Initial Start Up Fee

Every good company must have some kind of trial or a very low start up fee, so that new costumers can try their services to see if they like. If you see that things are to expensive, you should inquire the owners about the price and see if it is worth.

4. Bad Reputation

If you see that most of the people are not happy with the company, then you must avoid it. They are unhappy for a reason, low quality of services, bad support team and much more reasons. Definitely avoid this kind of companies.

These are all things to avoid related to a company. Before start doing anything you should search for a good company. This may take a while, but remember that this is your foundation; if you fail here, you fail in everything else. The time spent doing this, will payout on the long run.

Source by Fabio Vasconcelos Jesus

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